Data Through Breath Guides Program Selection and Adjustments

One program will not work for everyone - and a program that works today may not work for you in a few months. Lets let data drive what we do next.

Breath Contains Chemical Data

The power of breath. Did you know that there are overall 300 chemicals in exhaled breath? They are released from the blood through the lungs.

Fat Metabolism Can Be Measured in Breath

When the body breaks down fat, chemicals are produced and evaporate into the lung air.

Our Device Makes it Easy to Monitor Fat Metabolism

By blowing into the Invoy device, we capture the chemicals exhaled from your lungs through your breath and measure them, which lets us know when you’re burning fat. Our device detects and monitors the chemical changes that are occurring in your body in a simple, accurate and effective way.

Our App Allows Us to Coach You to Reach Your Goals

We track your breath data in our App and coach you to provide you with recommendations about how to optimize your weight loss based on the data captured every day.

It is Easy to Do
Provides Data You Can Trust
Determines the Effectiveness of Your Current Program
Generates Data-Driven, Personalized Recommendations to Help Guide You to Your Goal
How it works
Relies on a pain-free & fast sensor as well as a robust App
Directly measures fat metabolism
Relies on a very sensitive acetone analyzer that compares your current results to an effective baseline
Couples objective data with automated processes to generate meaningful recommendations

The Invoy system is a fundamental change in weight management. Our physicians believe that breath acetone will become a new standard. Our staff has seen tremendous progress in achieving weight loss goals through the Invoy system.

Dr. Narendra Kini

CEO @Nicklaus Children’s
Health System

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