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We are entrepreneurial and passionate about changing the trajectory of healthcare.

We aim to strike a balance between well-crafted scientific and chemical innovations with warm interactions that are human, empathetic and always thoughtful.

Our Core Values

Lifelong Learning

To disrupt an industry that impacts hundreds of millions of lives, we must value knowledge and education and be willing to learn as we execute.


Too long has weight loss been plagued by loosely formed hypotheses with little underlying proof. We run experiments. We analyze data. We look for trends. We connect the dots.


Health is deeply personal. To truly make a difference, we must be trustworthy and provide an experience that is valuable and meaningful.


We seek to make a major, lasting impact on health. We must try new ideas and be bold. Bold is not the same as arrogant.

Careers at Invoy

Our tight-knit group of dynamic, entrepreneurial-minded experts are passionate about delivering scientific-based personalized nutrition and wellness solutions to clients in a way that provide a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

Leadership Team

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, but is deeply committed to making a major impact on healthcare.

Photo of Lubna Ahmad, PhD

Lubna Ahmad, PhD

Founder & CEO

Photo of Ayman Luqman

Ayman Luqman

Head of Software

Photo of Al-Yaman Awad

Al-Yaman Awad

Head of Platform Engineering

Photo of Kevin Bethune

Kevin Bethune

Head of Design

Photo of Avonlea Hope

Avonlea Hope

Senior Analyst

Photo of Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson

Head of People and Culture

Photo of Zach Smith

Zach Smith

Senior Engineer

Photo of Connie Kim

Connie Kim

Engineering Manager

Photo of Jesse Deaquino

Jesse Deaquino

Production Manager