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Yaman Awad

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Head of Engineering

Yaman leads the team responsible for the design, development and validation of computed platforms powering Invoy’s next generation of consumer health products and services.

Yaman’s background in platform and systems engineering spans numerous industries including high-end data center platform and silicon development down to cost efficient SoC development for wearables. Prior to joining Invoy, Yaman worked for Intel for 10 years where he was the founder and technical lead of Intel’s autonomous driving efforts. During his tenure, Yaman led a team responsible for the design and production of Intel’s autonomous vehicles. His work resulted in the launch of Intel’s worldwide autonomous vehicle test fleet as well as numerous design wins with major automotive OEMs and CES product launches.

In addition to his engineering work, Yaman has been involved in several education outreach programs. This high profile work was done with the United Nations and the U.S. Department of State for the recruitment of female students into STEM fields.

Yaman holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University and the Barrett’s Honors College.