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Invoy helps people reach their health goals for life

Invoy connects the dots between your daily chemistry and actions. Our breath monitors produce real-time data on your current metabolism, helping our teams to deliver personalized nutrition and wellness solutions that guide you towards living a healthier life.

The Evolution of Invoy

Invoy is proud of its engineering efforts. Our in-house team handles all aspects of mechanical, electrical, firmware and chemistry development. Our in-house manufacturing floor allows our engineers to rapidly transfer new products. Over time, we have optimized the sensitivity, user experience and manufacturability of our core product.




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Invoy was founded to empower individuals to take control of their health at home. We give people the tools, the data and the support structure to be healthy.

What we are doing is challenging - it means inventing new chemistries, inventing new hardware, and building a coaching & interpretation service with the highest bar of excellence.

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