Improving Weight Loss with Actionable Data

The Voyager Breath Monitor is bringing a new level of science to weight loss management. Trend and understand your ketone levels at home to help reach your weight management goals.

Actionable Data

Unlike a bathroom scale and step counters, ketone analysis is accurate and directly correlates to what is taking place inside your body.


The only other accurate way to detect ketones in your body is through painful blood tests. Unlike blood tests, breath analysis is a painless, accurate, and convenient way to detect ketones in your body.


The Voyager App uses patented technologies to validate your measurements. This is key to properly interpreting ketone levels.


The Voyager App allows you to share your data with our coaching platform.

How it Works

The Monitor

The Voyager Breath Monitor works in conjunction with the user's mobile device and two disposables: a cartridge and a breath bag. Using it is simple:

Step 1. Insert the cartridge.

Step 2. Exhale into and insert the breath bag.

Step 3. Start the test and get the result on your mobile device.

The Disposable Kit

Each weekly disposable kit contains a new breath bag and 7 disposable cartridges. Users are encouraged to monitor their breath ketones each morning before eating, exercise or taking medication.

The App

Easy to Visualize. Graph results to track historical readings and compare to today’s reading.

Measurement Tags. Tag results with meaningful categories to help understand high points and low points.

Statistics. Compute statistics. Only validated measurements are used for your Personal Best and Baseline.

Breath Analysis

Ketones can be measured in different ways: through blood, breath or urine. Breath analysis through the Voyager Breath Monitor provides certain key benefits.

Breath Blood Urine

Learn about Ketosis

Ketones: The Exhaust from Burning Fat

Fat metabolism results in the production of three ketone bodies: acetoacetic acid, acetone and β-hydroxybutyric acid. The presence of ketones in the blood/urine or acetone in the breath is an important metabolic indicator of fat-burning.

Benefits of Ketosis and Ketone Analysis

Get feedback daily. Keep yourself motivated or identify problem areas so that you can make changes.

Customize your diet program. There is no single perfect diet for all people. Voyager helps you customize your diet based on your metabolic response to different foods and exercise.

Troubleshoot. Learn if there are triggers (like certain foods) that may be preventing you from seeing results on the weight scale.

Burn fat. Help confirm that you are metabolizing fat even if the weight scale is not showing results. Remember that your body weight is an aggregate of water, muscle, fat and bone. Your Ketone Score is specific to fat metabolism.


Voyager has been verified and validated in several ways. This is particularly important given the newness of ketone monitoring science.

  • Performance Testing. Performance Testing. Invoy has conducted performance testing according to the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) for precision (EP-05), limit of detection/blank (EP-17), linearity (EP-06), and others

  • Electrical Safety and Interference Testing. The Voyager Breath Monitor has been tested by an outside lab and certified compliant with AAMI/ANSI 60601-1, 2005 and IEC 60601-2 Ed. 3, 2007, and IEC 60601-1-11, 2010.

"Invoy’s Voyager gives us a novel, pain-free and data-driven tool. Our physicians believe that breath acetone will become a new standard, facilitating objective interactions with our patients on weight-loss programs."

Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO, Miami Children’s Health System

"Voyager has helped patients at Duke stay compliant on weight loss programs. It has also helped us customize diet programs to achieve a patient’s goals. Increasingly, ketone monitoring is becoming a key part of weight management practices, especially those that target low carbohydrate diets."

Dr. Eric Westman, Duke University and President of American Obesity Medicine Association

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