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Wellness plans shaped by the chemistry of your breath.

Our breath monitors produce real-time data on your current metabolism, helping our teams to deliver personalized nutrition and wellness solutions that guide you towards living a healthier life.

It begins with the breath.

Easy to use

Simply open the app, exhale in the device, and review your results and progress.

Personalized Programs

Our nutrition and wellness programs are built around your data and shaped by the preferences that work for you.

Proven Science

Our technology is founded on proven science and has been extensively tested for accuracy and precision.

Ongoing Support

Your coaches review your data and status daily to provide personal support every step of the way.

Our Device

The Invoy device monitors a direct byproduct of fat metabolism that is present in exhaled breath.

Our device uses disposables with highly accurate chemistry. The entire system is simple to use, portable & easy to travel with. You interact with it for 10-15 seconds per day.

Essentially, we are getting to the core of what is happening chemically within the body - instead of basing our program on just a bathroom scale. We want to help drive decisions with the best possible data for you.

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Our programs are personalized to your body chemistry and preferences

At Invoy, we are committed to leveraging science, data and artificial intelligence to help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Every person has a unique body chemistry and respective set of goals. Invoy strives to be at the forefront of solutions that target your individuality to enhance your performance.

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We provide you with helpful data to make progress every single day

Using Invoy is easy. Simply exhale into your device each morning to provide a sample of your current metabolism. Using this data, we’re able to tailor a personalized coaching program to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. We then monitor and measure your progress in real-time each day, making adjustments and refinements to ensure your progress and success.

Using the App

The App is your guide through every step of your wellness journey. Inside are helpful progress tools, tips and a team of dedicated analysts who are standing by to help you achieve your personal goals.

Easy to Visualize

We display your results with clear context so that you can easily visualize your progress over time.

Daily Factors

We evaluate a variety of daily factors to determine what may cause your results to change.


Compute your statistics - determining your compliance and the effectiveness of your program are important to your success.

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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

1. Attend orientation to receive and activate your device
2. Exhale into the device daily to measure your metabolism
3. Review your results and progress with our team.
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Attend Orientation

At orientation we’ll walk you through the steps to setting up your personal device and answer any questions you may have about the program.

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Share Your Daily Experience

The first 14 days of the program are a calibration phase where everyone follows a low carbohydrate meal program and reports their daily metabolic and personal info. We do this to get a better understanding of your body and behaviors.

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Ongoing Recommendations

We use this data to establish your profile type and to shape the program that’s right for you. As you progress, we’ll make ongoing recommendations to refinements you can make to ensure you achieve your goals.

Diagram explaining how ketosis works

The exhaust from burning fat.

When the body burns fat, acetone is produced. Measuring fat metabolism specifically is important so that your results are not skewed by muscle gain or water fluctuation.

Check how it works

Customer Testimonial - Miami Children’s Hospital

The Invoy system is a fundamental change in weight management. Our physicians believe that breath acetone will become a new standard. Our staff has seen tremendous progress in achieving weight loss goals through the Invoy system.

Photo of Narendra Kini
Dr. Narendra Kini

CEO @Nicklaus Children’s Health System

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