Personalized Weight Management. Driven by Data from Your Breath

Invoy provides personalized, predictive nutrition solutions to help individuals meet their health & wellness goals. We use objective data from your exhaled breath to drive our system.

Easy to Use

You exhale, interact with the App for a few seconds, and get your Program Score.

Trustful Data

We use your data and your preferences to develop programs that work for you.


Our technology has been extensively tested for accuracy and precision.


Your data is shared with your coach to promote regular interaction.

We Personalize the Program to Your Physiology & Preferences

At Invoy, we are committed to leveraging science, data and artificial intelligence to help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Every person has a unique body chemistry and respective set of goals. Invoy strives to be at the forefront of solutions that target your individuality to enhance your performance.

We Provide You with Actionable Data, Daily

We measure your metabolism through your breath. It’s painless and simple. We use this information to tailor a coaching program to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. We are then able to monitor and measure the success of your program. Your data lets us visualize your progress in real-time so we can make adjustments when needed.

The App

Our App gets your results from your Invoy device, collects additional information about how you are doing and serves as the portal for us to communicate.

Easy to Visualize

View your results in context - how have you done in the past?

Measurement Tags

Tag your results - what factors may cause your results to change?


Compute your statistics - determining your compliance and the effectiveness of your program are important to your success.

The Invoy Device

Our device monitors a direct byproduct of fat metabolism that is present in exhaled breath.

Our device uses disposables with highly accurate chemistry. The entire system is simple to use, portable & easy to travel with. You interact with it for 10-15 seconds per day.

Essentially, we are getting to the core of what is happening chemically within the body - instead of basing our program on just a bathroom scale. We want to help drive decisions with the best possible data for you.

Just 3 Painless Steps

Lets get started! Once you order your device, you simply interact with your device and app for seconds in the morning. Our trained coaches help you understand your results and make changes as your data suggest.
Get your device

Set up your online profile, order your device and complete the simple onboarding process.


Establish your baseline in 7-14 days. We use this information to learn about your body and behaviors to ensure we put you on the right program.

Make changes

We will work with you to make changes on an ongoing basis to ensure you are moving towards your goal weight.

Ketones: The Exhaust from Burning Fat

When the body burns fat, ketones are produced. Measuring fat metabolism specifically is important so that your results are not skewed by muscle gain or water fluctuations.

Check how it works

The Invoy system is a fundamental change in weight management. Our physicians believe that breath acetone will become a new standard. Our staff has seen tremendous progress in achieving weight loss goals through the Invoy system.

Dr. Narendra Kini

CEO @Nicklaus Children’s
Health System